The Space Program

Restaurants, cafes, bars, and venues need more space. Outdoor dining is a solution, but needs a smart system that works in a range of locations, can be customised, and looks cool.

The Space Program system is a kit of parts that includes a floor, robust barriers, a steel canopy frame that works with a wide range of shelter materials. Each element solves a problem, and they work independently or together. The floor makes a stable level surface on footpaths, kerbs, carparks and parks. The barriers and steel canopy frame define your space and allow for shelter and branding. It’s simple and endlessly expandable.

We love the vibrant outdoor dining in Penang and Singapore and the markets of Marrakesh. The Space Program brings the sophistication of Melbourne’s restaurants out to the streets.

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Each outdoor dining module consists of the following customisable elements:

exploded axo


As a starting point, the system provides a stable base which can be adjusted to suit uneven surfaces. Add barriers to define space, provide screening, or protection from traffic in a 'parklet' application.


The steel canopy frame attaches to the base, providing opportunities for rain protection, shade, branding, and acts as a sign-post that can be spotted from afar. Wrap the frame in fabric, rope, canvas, solar panels, or whatever material you can get your hands on.


The frame has been designed to work with 'off the shelf' retractable roller blinds, to allow for an outdoor dining experience that is responsive to Melbourne's unpredictable weather.


For night time applications, the canopy can be fitted with lighting, to shine like a lantern.

night and day


The outdoor dining pods can be deployed in a variety of settings, and combined to create precincts.


These may range from 'parklet' applications along active streets...


... to parks, nature strips, carparks and beyond. The adjustable base ensures that sites need not be flat.


Modules are sized to interface neatly with other types of movable infrastructure, such as shipping containers and food trucks.

Get in Touch

We are simultaneously looking for partners, collaborators, and businesses who are interested in trialling The Space Program. If you'd like to learn more about our outdoor dining pods, please don't hesitate to contact us:

email: mail@workshoparch.com.au
phone: +61 (0) 3 9326 8322

night and day

Our project is inspired by the vibrant and ever changing markets of Marrakesh. Image by Bartosz Hadyniak / Getty Images