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Mimco Retail Fitout, Paddington

In keeping with the eclectic nature of the brand, this fitout incorporates the original building fabric along with a mix of fabrics, mirrors and merchandise.

  • Design Response

    This project – developed and documented in association with Topolux Pty Ltd, drew on our previous experience working in the retail and interiors fields. In keeping with the idiosyncratic nature of MIMCO’s fashion label, the project demanded an attention to detail which was able to incorporate the existing fabric of the original building (circa 1870s) with an eclectic material mix of fabrics, mirrors and merchandise. Particular attention was given to how the spatial container of the existing building might help focus the visual essence of merchandise items through research into how various display strategies might suit the client’s retail aspirations. Central floor displays were designed as self-contained objects in the space, different from the more casual display of hanging items along one wall and the amalgamation of wall-mounted mirrors and jewellery desks on the other.

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    Workshop Architecture in association with Topolux Pty Ltd


    Project Team: James Staughton, Tamas Jones, Eliza Blair
    Photography: Shannon McGrath

    Date completed



    Paddington, NSW

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