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Nam June Paik Museum Masterplan, Seoul

A landscape and architectural masterplan for a museum to house the work of Korean born video artist Nam June Paik.

  • Design Response

    This was an international competition project submitted in 2003 for a landscape and architectural masterplan for a new museum to house the work of Korean born video artist Nam June Paik. Essential to the scheme was an understanding of the ‘social topography’ of the site and how the remnant parkland might be activated as an urban focus between adjacent institutions – the Kyonggi Cultural Museum, Kyonggi Preparatory School, High School and nearby Housing Developments

  • Nam June Paik Museum Masterplan Design Specifications

    Service offering

    • Competition Entry


    Workshop Architecture


    Project Director: James Staughton
    Project Director: Stephen Staughton, James Staughton, Lourance Leung

    Date completed



    Kyonggi, South Korea

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