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Clauscen Street Extension, North Fitzroy

An addition dynamically shaped to reduce shadow-loading on its adjacent neighbours and to reduce the felt-effects of building bulk.

  • Shortlist – Residential Alterations & Additions Category

    Victorian Architecture Awards 2007

    Design Response

    This project involved a considered approach to the confines of a narrow row house site. Only 4.72m wide, the site dictated an approach which would preserve the amenity (overshadowing, overlooking and building bulk impacts affecting neighbouring properties), whilst enveloping the client brief to maximise the potential of the site. This entailed an upper level master bedroom with household access to a roof deck together with a streamlining of downstairs amenities leading out to the rear yard including new kitchen, bathroom, living and meals areas all connected to the overall circulation of the new dwelling arrangement. The addition is dynamically shaped to reduce shadow-loading onto its adjacent east and western neighbours, and is positioned in the centre of the site to reduce the felt-effects of building bulk. Solar hotwater is collected from 3no. roof panels which feed into a concealed high capacity storage cylinder in the roofspace above the laundry cupboard. These panels also act as sunshade devices over the highlight windows as shown. All materials used are high-quality to reduce future maintenance costs and to aid in the visual assimilation of the design as a whole.

  • 122 Clauscen Street Design Specifications

    Services Provided

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    Workshop Architecture


    Project Team: Stephen Staughton, James Staughton, Eliza Blair
    Photography: Shannon McGrath

    Date completed



    North Fitzroy, Victoria

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